Monday, February 25, 2008

Stop teh stoopid

OK Republican types .... let's not do what the Clinton team is doing.

There is plenty of policy items to club the Obama team with, but there are a few things that are just teh stoopid and you simply don't need to roll around in it. A few of them:

- Obama is not a Moooslim. He is a Christian, so that actually makes him, according to Islamic Law, an apostate from Islam. Good. An example to tell all. He has questionable relatives in Kenya - but hey, I don't want people judging me by some of my cousins either.

- Leave the wife alone. Nuff said.

- I don't care what he wrote in Kindergarten or the wife wrote in her early 20s in college after soaking in mid-80s collegiate racial politics. Don't care.

Just don't care. To get more, check out this convergence - Stephen, Allah, and Michelle are roughly on the same sheet of music.

Pound all day on Obama's goofy Leftist polics - but leave the gutter cr@p to Clinton and the NYT.

Take charge and carry out the play of the day.

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