Monday, February 25, 2008

More NCO wisdom....

I don't think Sen. Obama will be quoting this source from Afghanistan anytime soon.

Thanks to Matt Sanchez for bringing this primary source that - hey - is a 2008 reality, to the front.

I spoke with a buddy of mine, Army Sgt. Anthony McGee, currently stationed in Gardez, Afghanistan. I last saw Sgt. McGee, a former Marine, in November. Anthony had these comments that I have reprinted with the Sergeant's permission.

Anthony: I think Obama's full of sh**or he just doesn't have all the facts right

Anthony: We have enough equipment in my area

8:49 AM me: Have you heard of shortages elsewhere?
Anthony: Just because one captain can't figure out how to use the supply system doesn't mean we're all f**ked
8:50 AM I've heard of people getting short d*cked by outgoing units but all that can be taken care of pretty quickly
9:02 AM Anthony: If it was really to the point where he was scrounging for weapons like he said, I wonder if he went through his chain of command or went straight to the press anyhow man, I got to get out of here so I can get some chow
I got to do some crew serve maintenance in a little while
later man
If you like the cut of SSG McGee's jib, head on over to Matt's place to see a short video of the SSG doing that do that he does so well.


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