Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dish'n out, but can't take it

Interesting supporters you have there in your Houston field office, Senator. Capt. Ed started it all, with these pictures coming from LGF.

I am getting a kick how some
Obama supporters just don't see it (it being that Che was a Communist mass murderer and those who support him are no better than neo-Nazi idiots) - and are getting all snippy about the fact that the useful-idiot Left is moving to others are pointing it out. Classic messenger shooting.

Funny, if a Republican field office had a big Odin's Cross on the wall - for some reason I don't think they would feel the same.

The Obama supporters are mad simply because the reality isn't meeting their fantasy.

Papa Salamander always told me; "You can judge a man by the friends he keeps."

Wise man.
UPDATE: Bookie makes a good point about Florida, and thanks to Howie for the pic below.

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