Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skippy! Skippy! Skippy!

All I could think of when I read about this Army PC Cyber-bully was,
"Oh, I hope Skippy starts linking to the DVIDSHUB Website, like, tomorrow!"
The face that launched a major PC hissy-fit is on the right. Go visit Chuck Simmins' site for all the details. Babe, Babe, Babe, Babe. Oh, what if Skippy, Chap, John, Eagle1, Lex, Bubblehead, Galrahn, SJS, T1, LBG, MTH, Byron, C-14, GBS, DM05, a few others and myself made a Valour IT calendar (hey, more than 12 - we could have two!) with each month there is a picture of our favorite beer ...... resting on one of our glorious, bare naked tummies .... just so someone would call us "Hunks and Studs," would we be "uncomfortable?" No, I think we might want to call the calendar "Hunks and Studs." I don't think anyone but FbL would buy it though....I mean, it is just a bunch of stomaches with beer and all.... (NB: yes, I understand that some may find offense and that calling a Soldier "Babe" isn't something I would do - in uniform in front of them - , but Simmins wasn't trying to be offensive. Some people need to find other things to do at work besides fuss'n at people not in the Chain-of-Command who have a normal hetrosexual reaction ... maybe that is the problem ... and if you think I am being small for posting this - well you just don't know what it is like working with PC killjoys 24/7.)

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