Sunday, February 17, 2008

History returns to the Balkans

Interrupting our Sunday quiet; UDI. Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

Womb warfare over the last century has given Kosovo, home to the Serbian people, to the Albanians. Today Kosovo, tomorrow Malmo - I guess.

Interesting precedent in its own, but let's look at it in the 2008 context.

Russia is trying to return to the stage. They don't like what is being done to their historical little Slavic brother Serbia.

Note all the flags you see in Pristinia (and in Mitrovica's Serbian enclave). Those are not Kosavar flags. Those are mostly Albanian what is Serbia.

Also note all the American flags in the crowd. That little salt does not help the pain in the Russian wounds.

Just watch.

What an ugly part of the world. I know what I would feel if I was a Kosovar Albanian, but still. Ungh.

The Balkans, always produces much more history than it can consume locally. Think the Russians will let this slide with only a whimper? 50/50 for the optimist.

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