Monday, February 11, 2008

Shift your flag and raise it high

As you know, I went from Romney to Rudy to Romney. With both of them giving the nod to McCain as they left the field; I am going to join them; and put my money where my mouth is as well.

I am an American before I am a Southerner, Republican, (l)ibertarian, or (c)onservative. I do not expect perfection and clear alignment - and with Sen. McCain (R-AZ) I sure don't get it.

What I do get however, is a man who I can go to sleep at night knowing he will get the job done close to the way I believe it needs to get done.

I will not sleep well at night with the far-Left, fuzzy utopia thinking of a nice law professor who needs significant OJT and clue-batting. I also will not sleep at night at all knowing that Hillary is trying all she can do to find as many ways as possible to run my life, take my money, warp my freedoms, and generally feed her hunger for power.

True, on immigration all the way to freedom of speech I am not aligned with McCain - but on most things I feel fine with him.

Though I like them in general, I am not like Limbaugh, Malkin, and Coulter. They seem to be in a place where they are willing to let ideological purity get in the way of what is the best imperfect choice. I will part ways with them here. I will take the good now, and worry about the perfect the next time around.

There is one area where Limbaugh is right; regardless if you support McCain or not, if you dislike Pelosi and Reed and what they represent - if you can't invest in McCain then think about the House and Senate races in your area and put your efforts there. The Dems have a big advantage in '08 for mostly technical reasons - don't give them more votes than they already have.

One way or another, this is no time for a free people to pout or sit out. As much as an Active Duty Officer can, I am now engaging. My time, effort, vote and money is going McCain.

Join up, explain yourself, or shut up.

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