Saturday, February 09, 2008

Reports & Returns

Last week when I stated I had to drop off the grid; well, I meant it. Since a week ago I have been without newspapers, TV, Internet, radio, mail; nor have I had a conversation with anyone about anything that might be happening in the wider world. Let's call it "Active Avoidance."

My info-fix as I departed was last week's Sunday paper, the last three months unread Proceedings (more on that next week), the last two National Reviews, and the outstanding book,
Last Flag Down. You will hear more about that book soon as I think it needs its own post sometime soon and I gleaned a few FbF from it.

I don't think I have done that pure a departure since - well - in memory. For an information addict, it was both a step into the dark, and - in the end - a very clarifying week. With each passing day, the moment to moment tinnitis of my information soaked life and hobbies faded to the point they were well outside my concern; the 24-hr news cycle side tracked to the don't-give-a-d@mn zone.

In a word; peace. Especially during the flowing talk from the results of "Super Tuesday" (more on that later next week).

So, I'm back. I haven't even had a chance to - YIKES - look at the 90+ comments on the Open Thread from last week. Gal says there's some good stuff there, so I will read and comment there Sunday.

Thanks for keeping things going; good to be back in formation.

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