Monday, March 12, 2007

RIVRON 1 - deploying

Remember a little over two years ago? A lot of hard work by good people making it happen. Sure, it is 4-years too late - but at last the Navy is back in action where it belongs - in line with tradition that the United States (and Confederate) Navy has in Riverine Warfare.
Riverine Squadron (RIVRON) 1, based at Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Little Creek deployed March 8 after a year of intense training with Marine forces.

The deployment marks the first for a riverine squadron since the Vietnam War.

More than 100 riverine Sailors deployed to the Middle East to integrate with Marines from the II Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) to conduct maritime security operations (MSO) along rivers and other inland waterways: denying the use of the maritime environment as a venue for attack; a haven for insurgent activities; or the illegal transportation of weapons, people or material in Iraq.

BTW, this is an example where MilBlogs can play a part in making sure the right things happen. We cannot take responsibility for - but we can claim some of the credit for making this happen. That little post in FEB 05 linked above was followed by a push by John at Argghhh resulted in hits and links from the Senate, CNOs office and various Potomac Flotilla N-Codes - that resulted in background emails from California to Norfolk to D.C. and places in between on the goings on in a move to put the Navy back where it belongs - and helping pull its fair share. The thanks belongs to you. MilBlogs can report, ask, and point - you do the reading and take the action.

Skipper Guarini, we're watching and praying for you and your Sailors. We need to make sure that the work you do is remembered, built on, and preserved long after the last Navy Riverine Squadron leaves the Tigris and Euphrates Valley - so that the next time our Nation needs to control Brown Water the Navy is ready to go - and trained for victory.

Eagle1 is watching as well. For the background on this subject, click the "Riverine" lable below.

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