Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hate mail of the quarter

Usually I just delete this type of FOD - but being that this looked like one of the Diversity Bullies from NAVSEA - I just couldn't help myself.

Of note; the emailer never game me him/her/its name, and I will keep the email address to myself so as to not be called more nasty names. The original post that started it all is either here or here.

It resulted in this email to me.
From: xxxxxx@netscape.net
To: cdrsalamander@hotmail.com,
Subject: Recommended Reading
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 20:52:52 -0500

The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege: >
Robert Jensen

You must first read and understand this book before making a ass of yourself with blogs (sic) critical of efforts by NAVSEA and other agencies, which are making some effort to promote diversity.
Funny, in that post I never mentioned NAVSEA. Well, I guess we know who the author of the email works for. See, how could I not respond.
From: cdrsalamander@hotmail.com
To: xxxxxx@netscape.net
Sent: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 7:18 AM
Subject: RE: Recommended Reading

To Whom it may concern.

Every retrograde organization that ignores the history of cultures that promote difference among its people deserves the contempt of those who desire harmony and forward thinking.

The Diversity Industry is nothing but a collection of bitter people who wrap their hate of others in an ingnorant, self-absorbed, secular religion that is closed-minded and contradictory at its core.

While we are discussing books, may I recommend three books by one of my favorite authors, professors, and economists: Thomas Sowell.

Race and Culture: A World View, Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality, and The Economics and Politics of Race.

White privilege? How 1970s of you.

Well, that went over about as you would expect.
If Thomas Sowell is your ideological icon, then you may not be bright enough to understand what is happening to the world around you, notwithstanding your jingoisms and esoterics. The United States will not remain a world economic leader if it does not find new ways of including all its citizens in its economic enterprise. That fact has been established for decades by no less than the National Research Council. Your disguised Jim Crow mentality may fool self-hating individuals like Thomas Sowell and the like. Those who know better continue to search for more effective ways of diversifying opportunitites in the country.
"Disguised Jim Crow mentality?" Not a history major I guess.

Jingoisms and esoterics? Ok, I'll bite.
Noun: jingoism 'jinggow`izum
  1. An appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions
    - flag waving
  2. Fanatical patriotism
    - chauvinism, superpatriotism, ultranationalism

Derived forms: jingoisms
See also: jingoist, jingoistic
Type of: demagoguery, demagogy, nationalism, patriotism

Maybe; sometimes; in a fashion.


\Es`o*ter"ics\, n. Mysterious or hidden doctrines; secret science.

Huh? You can't make this stuff up.

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