Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey, I'm a Jew!....from Philly!

Congressman Sestak (D-PA) sure seems to have some interesting friends. They don't like those with my thought crime.
Joe Sestak (D-PA) is facing an intense attack of sorts by the Philly Jews to back down from his commitment to speak at a CAIR dinner.
Yes? More, oh Ceasar!
It boggles the mind as to how hateful these synagogue attendees are towards CAIR, just because CAIR ( /Muslims) don’t support Israel’s state-terrorism.
CAIR represents Muslims like the German-American Bund represented Eisenhower, Nimitz, and Spaatz.

What started it all was former RADM Sestak's (hey, someone has to remind him he isn't a VADM) foray into a large gathering of my new tribe.
Q:Why do you conflate Muslim constituents with CAIR. You are making it harder for Muslim moderates.

A: Asks what conflate means. When he speaks to CAIR he will say as he always does that Israel is a staunch ally and Hamas is wrong. CAIR, like the organizations of many new immigrants, is trying to break in to politics, into the Democratic Party. Two Muslims who volunteered for him at the 69th street station told him not to go to the event or they were afraid he would not be reelected in two years.
Good for those who voted for you, R & D, or just the Democrat Party? There is a good deal more here.

And what was said as well? Mmmmm, this isn't how I remember it.
He said that he would have stayed in the Navy longer but got into the political race because of his daughter’s health.
That is worth an investigation or two by his hometown newspaper (Washington DC area).

On a second note; PowerLine has this gem.
Sestak also said CAIR was a “legitimate organization” and singled out their “good work” in fighting racial profiling.

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