Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Profile in something

I'm not sure courage is the word I am looking for.
Kevin Kiley, the three-star general (editor's note: terminal pay grade in this case) in charge of all Army medical facilities, seemed stumped as he testified yesterday about his responsibility for the Walter Reed scandal.
  • "I'm trying not to say that I'm not accountable," he told members of the House oversight committee.
  • "I don't do barracks inspections at Walter Reed," he said.
  • "In my role as the MedCom commander," he said, "Walter Reed was not my only command."
  • "My staff informed me that the Walter Reed staff was working it."
  • "I command by commanding through my commanders and trusting them to execute the mission."
  • "I don't get involved at my level . . . at an individual issue."
Read the whole thing to get a better perspective on the other General in question - one who is saying and doing the right thing - BG Weightman.

Guess who has been fired - and who has not.

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