Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A prayer for Cathy Seipp

Though I only posted on her work once, I read Cathy Seipp every once in a while. In hindsight, I wish I read and linked more. On Cathy's blog, her daughter writes,
As earlier mentioned in the comments section, my mother is in the hospital. The doctor says that right now they're just making her comfortable. She's sedated, with painkillers among other things. Lungs collapsed so right now we just want to make sure she has dignity and is not in pain. The doctor says she has a couple days left. I want to thank all her readers for reading this blog, her friends for supporting her who made up "Team Cathy." Through you all, I learned what a true friend was. I'm at her bedside now, holding her hand. I tell her she has 292 comments on the latest blog post..her last but she just squeezes my hand. She was very happy with this blog. In honor of her, if you can...support the American Lung Cancer Society and or adopt stray dogs and cats from the pound. Those were her causes. Thank you all so much. Will keep everyone posted.
Cathy and I are about the same age. She will leave us too soon. Way too soon. Godspeed to Cathy, her daughter and all that know her.

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