Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Iraqi Terrorists=Patriots – USA=Redcoats

Well the Moonbat Media is working on its own “Surge.” H.D.S. Greenway is at it again. A nice service he does to remind us what the MSM Left thinks of the U.S. Gov’munt in general; and the U.S. military in particular. It is all in full display in his article “’Surge’ Doomed to Final Failure.” Here is how we look to him.
…foreign troops bursting into their houses, shoot-to-kill checkpoints..
...four American soldiers, dressed in full, intimidating battle gear, around the periphery of a Baghdad living room. In the center, on the carpeted floor, lies a collapsed woman in a traditional black dress.

A man, identified as her son, is holding her in his arms. His feet are bare, as if he were caught by surprise. But what arrests the eye is the look of horror and terror on his face as he looks up at an armed, gesticulating soldier. Another soldier has taken the liberty of making himself at home on the sofa.

...machine gun-toting Americans rooting through bedrooms, inspecting weapons, and demanding identification cards…

American soldiers themselves who are sparking the resistance, and thus the chaotic conditions in which criminals can operate, and militias appear to be the population's only salvation.

...the nature of their business is coercive, brutal, and ultimately counterproductive.

The longer American troops stay…the more pictures we will see of cowering, frightened, and humiliated Iraqis.
I kept waiting for the “…reminiscent of Genghis Kahn….” To show up. Make no mistake, Greenway and his ilk will do everything to make sure we lose. Like I said many moons ago, they will do their best to spin even a victory as a defeat. They have invested so much of their world view in our defeat that everything would crumble if they had to spit between clinched teeth “Victory.”

Almost becoming a parody of himself; he adds insult to insult. Here is the money quote.
And so conquering foreign soldiers will be resisted in Iraq, as they have always been everywhere down the centuries. In early April 1775, the British governor of Boston sent John Howe out to gather intelligence in that hotbed of insurgency now called the western suburbs, but then the Anbar province of its time. Howe met an old man cleaning his rifle who looked too old to hunt game.

The old man said he expected foreign soldiers -- "a flock of redcoats" -- would be arriving soon, and he thought they would make good targets. Arrive they did, and with them the American revolution that in many states degenerated into civil war. The British soldiers were mostly of the same race and religion as the people they fought, but they were by then foreigners, and eight years later they were gone.

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