Saturday, March 24, 2007


OK all you 100# heads - our friends over at ChinaDefenseBlog have a WHATZIS on some modifications to some Chinese Ming SS. Begging their forgiveness, here is their picture with the questions circled.

Now all you old Cold Warriors will say, "Hey, those look like Romeos.." Well, that is what a Ming is; by a fashion - though these have a more "modern" paint job. Click the image for higher res.

My thoughts? Mmmmmm, the thing on the sail looks like something ESM or COM related. Don't think it is radar due to the obvious dead spot - and I think the flow noise would take out anything acoustic.

The long tube like addition on the side, I would put my money on something related to an acoustic thingy-bob. For ref in their older paint jobs and configurations, here are some Mings to look at, and here.

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