Monday, March 05, 2007

Unnatural acts: the Obama edition

UPDATE:I think I have a name for what Sen. Obama and Senator Clinton are doing; Cultural Carpetbagging.
Ungh. His genetic father was from Kenya. His step-father was Indonesian. His mother was a Caucasian woman from Kansas. He was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia. He went to private and Ivy League schools. He spend the balance of his life in the Upper Mid-West around Chicago. He fakes a Southern inflection, you never hear any other time, in a Black Church in Alabama.

This isn't just patronizing - it is insulting. Like I said earlier today and amplified now and then in this blog - not only am I a Southerner, I come from an old-line Plantation Family - one of the largest slave holding families in the U.S.

The work that still needs to be done in this nation to bring everyone back to a level playing field is an issue very close to me. Of great concern to me. To have Sen. Obama try to walk into this very American issue like he has, is and insult to all of us who descend from slaves and slave owners.

This is our issue. Help us if you want - but don't try to be something you are not. This insult is personal to me. It should give pause to everyone else.

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