Friday, March 23, 2007

Strange Texas ANG award

The Vagasil Award.
She said she was humiliated and nearly driven out of military service, and 11 Investigates soon found many women claiming they suffered sexual discrimination in the Texas Air National Guard.
she said the instructors didn’t appreciate women asking questions.

“Saying perhaps I’m a very intelligent individual, but I might lack common sense,” she said.

So they decided to teach her a very public lesson.

“It was the most embarrassing thing I’d ever been through in my entire life,” Staff Sgt. Harrison said.

What happened? It’s called the Vagisil award, a crown presented to her in front of her peers and leaders of the entire camp. It had a Vagisil label and military fatigues pasted on it.

It’s a crown a group of instructors forced the young woman to wear along with other things.

“A plastic garbage bag around my neck as if it was cape,” she said.
Go here for the video and background story. You have to watch the video.

We have young graduates of self-esteem education; a retired Col. who is a major "E! Fashion Emergency" - and one ingredient that makes any story fun - Rep. S.J. Lee (D-TX).

What has everyone's panties in a wad?
11 News has discovered the guard’s investigation of the incident may just add insult to injury, overseen by a commanding general of the air guard.

It concludes Staff Sgt. Harrison “was not publicly humiliated during the presentation of the Vagisil Queen Award.”
Where were the Texans when we needed them after Tailhook? I haven't been able to look at a Rhino since.

Hat tip Sid.

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