Monday, March 12, 2007

Constitution found in D.C.

This is from the "I can't believe my eyes" dept.
As I noted Friday, the Federal District Court for DC ruled for some DC citizens seeking to be able to have *serviceable and usable* firearms in their homes - something the DC gun law prohibits, requiring what weapons the DC council reluctantly allows citizens to own to be disassembled or gun-locked, with the ammunition stored separately from the weapon. In other words, the most common peaceable use of a firearm in your home - self-defense, is defacto prohibited.

The ruling observed, "The Second Amendment would be an inexplicable aberration if it were not read to protect individual rights as well."
John at Argghhh!!! brings the best news of the week, nay, month - for those who believe in Liberty, The Constitution, and freedom of the individual.

Stop by and read it all. Me? I may have to look into getting this.

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