Monday, March 12, 2007

300 slits 'em open

I liked it in October - I like it now. So do you.
300 about the epic Battle of Thermopylae shattered the record for biggest March opening ever with $70+ million.

And guess who is being a snippy little b1tch about it?
A.O. Scott from the NYT. He seems to have issues with the fact that the Vikings didn't fight with the Persians, and was personally offended by having to watch " oracular exotic dancer whose topless gyrations..." He must like his Spartans like this.

Kerry voter.

(NB: Yes, I like Gladiator movies. Yes, I have been to a Turkish prison {OK, drove by one}. Yes, I have seen a grown man naked. Yes, I hang out at the gymnasium. Why do you ask?)
UPDATE: And who is getting all bitchy? Ragnar at TheJawaReport finds Leftist tiddle-d-winks over at AlterNet.

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