Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Chat Between Admirals

Sid has found a treasure trove. This is well worth consideration and discussion. It has the RA-5C, USS RANGER (CV-61) - good vs perfect. Ford vs. Ferrari ... what's not to like!

The seduction of speed has been around a long time. The siren song of the sleek, expensive, and sexy is nothing new. It just doesn't have to be LCS we're talking about either.

You know that VADM Connolly is one of my heroes, so bask is this jewel.

As he did in our email exchange, I'll let Sid set it up - the pages will follow. Sid, over to you.
Jerry Miller was Asst. DCNO AIR under Tom Connolly by then...

Also, was wrong on the date of that letter...It had to be after Oct 30 '68 when Johnson started the bombing halt (one of the more stupid decisions out of the Oval Office-A level of idiocy not heard since. That is, until the current foolish, "We will quit before I leave office" crap heard today).

Given the reference to "this week" after a Subic visit for the RANGER, I went

Which indicates she was in Subic (if one assumes the above reference has the year wrong in the port visit dates for her 26 Oct 68-17 May 69 deployment) 12 Dec for a single day...

If it was in fact 68 instead of 67, that letter is just shy of 41 years old!


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