Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tactical objectivity and CO's .....

There have been more than a few cringe inducing quotes out there about the false-economy of speed in a warship as a trade-off WRT survivability.

Nothing sinister here - but people should be very careful in taking a Commanding Officer's feeling as objective fact when it comes to the platform they put their heart and soul into. Objectivity isn't their strong point.

Battle Cruiser CO's would always praise their speed, as the LCS CO's do.

Well, up in the sky there was also another speedy character - the RA-5 Vigilante.

Speaking of CO's - on the
JUL70 Naval Aviation News edition, look at the bottom of page 11 where the CO of RVAH-3 says this to say about the Vig ... "
"...I have to rate it high in combat survivability. "
I invite you to read last week's, "A Chat Between Admirals."

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