Sunday, December 06, 2009

Cleaning up after the boss ...

The chaos that the CINC put out there at West Point is slowly being repaired by the SECDEF, SECSTATE, and in this case by COMCENTCOM, Gen. Petraeus.

The way he explains it here - though in a literal sense is in conflict with what the CINC said at West Point and what Gibbs said later - it all makes sense from a military planning perspective, and sounds correct.

I think later this week I will post, if I get some time, on what "Transition" means in military speak for the wider audience. It is a very well understood concept - and fully meshes with what Petraeus says. Once you understand that - and can see the details woven in the below clip - you will see that the plan in back on track.

Now, if we can only convince our allies to trust the word of the underlings over his boss.

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