Thursday, December 17, 2009

Admin Note.

Yes, the site looks different and comments are gone.

I had to upgrade from the old blogger to new blogger template. Before I did that though, I also had to move from Echo to Haloscan. That went fine....until I tried to install the "Message board" recent comments gadget - then my comments were nuked.

I'm waiting for JS-Kit to get back with me. Sorry guys ... the comments were going well. I'll get it fixed as soon as I can.

Don't worry though .... this blog is fine and isn't going anywhere.
UPDATE: Slight progress. Still not completely back, but almost. Comments can be had, but you cannot see them from the main page. If you want to comment or read comments on a post, click the "time stamp" at the bottom of the post, that will give you just that post and from there you will see "comments."

Being that I have been using the same template since '04 and it no longer supported a lot of what I wanted to do - this little awkward stage will be worth it. Sure, code is art, I guess, but it is still ugly.

Be patient, I'll get there. Today is that final day of MilBlog silence for CJ - so regular posts start again tomorrow.
UPDATE II - Electric Boogaloo: You can also access comments, indirectly, via a reply to the comments on the recent comments gadget to the right.

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