Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Giving Uncle Sam the finger

Hey, we deserve it.
A conservative rancher named Porfirio "Pepe" Lobo took the Honduran presidency in elections Sunday, five months after the country's last elected president was forced out of the country at gunpoint. Now Hondurans must wait to see if the international community, which has been divided over the crisis, accepts the winner as legitimate.

The results gave Mr. Lobo 56% of the vote, well ahead of Liberal Party candidate Elvin Santos at 38%, confirming voters' expected punishment of the Liberals -- party of both the deposed president and the interim government that ousted him.
About 61% of eligible Hondurans voted, and turnout, which was up from 2005, was seen as a crucial factor in persuading more countries to back the vote. The turnout was a loss for Mr. Zelaya, who had urged supporters to boycott the election.
To our great national shame, we sided with the anti-democratic Left in Honduras with Chavez and the Castro brothers.

We did not side with the Honduran Supreme Court, its democratically elected legislature, and its Constitution.

Good for little Honduras. When Uncle Sam finds himself on the same side as the likes of Chavez and Castro - perhaps he should reconsider.

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