Thursday, December 03, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Call this "Cluebat for the CNO" edition of Diversity Thursday.

As the regular readers will recall - one of my central arguments in opposition to the Diversity Industry is the cognitive disconnect they seem to have towards the reality of what will soon be 2010.

Two great examples are from - of all places - NPR.

First from the occasionally irritating, but generally well meaning and readable
Ruben Navarrette, on Liane Hansen's show, which is worth a listen,
"There's a lot of folks that are just over it — they're just over the idea of racial differences."
And then there is Skippy's favorite NPR authoress, Melisa Goh.
These days, I meet a lot of Americans from parents of different races. We're all over the place — and we're not just on the fringe. Halle Berry has won an Oscar. Tiger Woods rules professional golf. And, of course, Barack Obama is president. These were hailed as racial victories — though not the kind they are in my mind.

Turns out, "What are you?" isn't a question for just funny-looking people like me. It's a question each one of us has to answer. And that answer, for all of us, isn't black or white.

If everyone has to answer the question, then nobody's left out. And as unpleasant as that's made things for me lately, I find it strangely comforting. Multiracial people aren't outsiders anymore; we're family. I've been living in my skin for a long time, and I know who I am. Now it's time for everybody else to figure it out.
That is the America I know - and the Navy I know. I just wish our leadership would catch up.

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