Tuesday, December 01, 2009

LGF: seen this act before

I'm only taking time to post on this as I've been tooling around the blogosphere long enough that I feel obliged, like Ace and the folks at Jawa, to at least nod at Charles Johnson coming out of the closet about something most of us (including Chap) have seen coming for awhile; LGF: Why I Parted Ways With The Right.

I'll let others go off the top-rope on CJ - but I am going to take a slightly different angle.

CJ started this turn well over a year ago. For some reason, he started to demand purity on the "right" that exists no more than it does on the "Left." Why? That is for CJ to explain, which he really hasn't done yet. He has also lost the ability to objectively look at anything to the Left of centerline, such as the global warming scandal, and instead is transitioning into something else.

I try not to make the political personal - so I will just wish him well and hope he finds balance with his new play group. I think that one thing he will notice - if he wants - is that once he stops making broad attacks on people and gets back to issues, the right will not treat him the same way the Left did.

My experience and Dennis Miller's (in going Left to right) was like that. The Left is a much nastier bunch to argue with.

So, after defending a lot of what CJ has been trying to do as of late (I too have issues with some of the EuroRight) - I too will part ways; with CJ.

I don't live in an binary world that demands that all people be all perfect - or that one person speaks for everyone they sit next to on the bandstand. CJ is entitled to believe what he wants - so I will let him.

So, where have I seen this before? One of the people that helped me get started in blogg'n was the once colossus of wit and wisdom - with a fine BS meter - the 'ole Commissar himself from PolitboroDiktat. He started his transition a couple of years ago and culminated on the hill of HopeChange. After the election, he shifted to a
new site, learned Greek, and now has left the "regular posting" blogosphere for good - and avoids politics altogether; and that is OK.

He's even
deleted his old blog, which is sad .... though waybackmachine can help you find the funny bits if you want.

I still keep in touch with the 'ole Commissar (AKA Stephen) on Facebook now and then - but we avoid politics ... which is what he seems to want to do. The reasons are his. He doesn't need to explain himself to anyone.

Maybe CJ will make this turn as well. For now though - if he is going to smear and spit-fleck - he should expect the same from others in return.

Good luck CJ, but I will stick with Jawa and Ace for now; there is a war going on - and they still make me laugh at it all.

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