Monday, December 28, 2009

Why didn't they need a PT program?

Well, when you look at what Sailors ate a few decades ago, heck in this case over a century ago, wonder - why they didn't need one.

Creamed Sliced Dried Beef

YIELD: 6 1/4 Gallons or 100 portions, each portion: 1 cup
Butter or shortening
Flour, sifted
2 lb.
2 1/2 lb.
1 qt.
2 1/2 qt.
1 tbsp.
--1. Melt shortening add flour, and blend. Add pepper. Cook 5 minutes.
Milk, hot 4 3/4 gal. --2. Add hot milk slowly, stirring to prevent lumping.
Beef, dried, sliced
7 lbs.
1 lb.
1 3/4 gal.
1 pt.
--3. Separate beef into slices. Cook in hot shortening until edges curl.
4. Add to white sauce. Blend.


1. If beef is too salty, omit cooking in hot shortening (step 3), soak beef in hot water 15 minutes and drain before adding to white sauce.
2. If desired, freshly sliced dried beef may be added to white sauce without cooking in hot fat.
3. Serve with toast, baked potato, steamed rice, noodles, spaghetti, or cornbread.

On a serious side - these are fairly economic dishes - and what you need if you do a lot of physical work - that is why they didn't need a PT program. In 1902, every day was PT.

A little help for everyone in these economic times - even cheaper than "sh!t on a shingle." Oh, it feeds a lot of Boy Scouts too.

Look through the book at the link; what is your favorite recipe?

Hat tip Steve.

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