Friday, December 11, 2009

The Harvey Doctrine moves forward

We have a saying down in the South; don't sleep with the help.

As reported by
Andrew Tilghman at Navy Times,
The commanding officer of the dock landing ship Fort McHenry was fired Thursday for fraternizing with a sailor on his ship, according to a Navy statement.

The executive officer also was fired for knowing about the relationship and not taking action, the statement said.

Cmdr. Christopher Stopyra and his XO, Lt. Cmdr. Brian P. Goldschmidt, were both removed after Stopyra received nonjudicial punishment at a captain’s mast Thursday,
The subordinate with whom Stopyra had the relationship received non-judicial punishment and was removed from the ship, Josey said.
Like I said, the sound of the first shoe was loud and clear.

This second shoe should put all XOs on notice -
institutional loyalty trumps personal loyalty.

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