Monday, December 28, 2009

Multi-cam for the Anglosphere!

See how
far ahead of the curve you are if you read CDRSalamander every day?
British and American soldiers soon could be hard to tell apart if the U.S. Army adopts a camouflage pattern similar to one that the British have already picked out to conceal their troops in Afghanistan.

U.S. soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment in eastern Afghanistan are wearing new uniforms featuring the "MultiCam" camouflage pattern as part of a trial conducted by the Army to determine the best way to help troops blend in with their environment.

Last week the British Ministry of Defence announced that its troops would soon start wearing a new uniform with a version of MultiCam dubbed the "Multi-Terrain Pattern."
... and I hope everyone gets on board with this - something any deer hunter could have told the staff weenies who thought velcro was a good idea.
He added that any new uniform should do away with the fabric fastener pockets and attachments that are on his ACUs.

"[The fabric fastener] gets dusty or dirty and it doesn’t work anymore. You can’t keep your sleeves or collar down and it’s not tactical. If you have to adjust something during a mission it makes a loud noise," he said.
Good news - and potentially GREAT news for the Navy if they do one smart thing here. The CNO should walk down the hall to the Army Chief of Staff and tell him that the Navy wants in. We will adopt what the Army goes for if it is multi-cam. Out with BDU/DCU - in with multi-cam = a smaller and easier to support Seabag.

Then again, something we called for here almost two years ago.

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