Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday movie stop How'd dat happ'n?

How'd dis happ'n?

Never underestimate the
audience out there.
An almost all-volunteer cast and crew, including a star who was an '80s teen heartthrob, and a plot about a firefighter who saves his marriage by turning to God - it hardly sounds like a recipe for box office success, let alone a best-selling book. But that's what the film "Fireproof" has spawned.

The movie features Kirk Cameron, an alumnus of the television show "Growing Pains," as the firefighter, and it cost just $500,000 to produce. Yet it opened in the United States two weekends ago with $6.5 million in ticket sales, good for No.4 at the box office, just a few spots behind the No.1 big-budget action thriller "Eagle Eye" and five spots ahead of Spike Lee's World War II epic, "Miracle at St. Anna." This past weekend "Fireproof" made $4.1 million more and so far has about $12.5 million total, according to estimates by Media by Numbers, a box office tracking company.
They even have a spin-off book from the movie.

Not bad for a couple of Georgia Baptist Ministers.

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