Thursday, October 16, 2008

I voted

My ballot is in the mail. My work is done. The rest is up to you and everyone else to make sure and vote regardless what you think may or may not be the final result.

I remember what it was like for Democrats to have full power in the Executive and Legislative Branches. I know what Carter and Clinton judges continue to try to do to the Constitution. I also know that Carter and Clinton are well to the political right of Obama.

I have no illusions what an Obama Presidency would mean. His ideas are the worst of the academic Left. His instincts are wrong. That simple. He has far less executive experience than even the Republican VP candidate. Our nation is at war, our economic system under assault by the after effects of a government policy instigated by Obama's lead economic adviser Raines. McCain back in '05 actually tried to stop this train wreck.

I will be hard enough for the correct decisions to be made with a McCain Presidency with a Democrat House and Senate - but at least there will be checks and balances.

Obama at 1600 Penn. with the willing eyes of Pelosi and Reid at the other end leaves nothing to counter the aims of the Left. Nothing.

If that is what we are have at the end of this elections, in the Spring and Summer of '09 and anytime later I will have zero patience with people with buyer's remorse. I won't give a d@mn about your, "Gee Phib, I never though this would happen." or "I didn't vote for him to do that."

Zip, zerro, nada. You vote for Obama - you own him.

What a horrible irony it would be. Let me put a little list together for you. Nixon, Kennedy, Goldwater, Johnson, Humphry, McGovern, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, Obama, McCain.

Who in that list is least qualified from that list? Obama. You could put McCain solidly in the middle of that group - perhaps in the top 5 even.

Who has served their country that involved personal sacrifice the least? Obama. You could argue that McCain is at the top along with Kennedy and to a lesser extent Bush41 and McGovern.

The Greek playwrites couldn't lay it out better - expecially when you consider one of the greatest political opponents of Bush43 for the last 8 years has been ... wait for it ... McCain.

Does this make you mad? If so, Ace has some advice for you.

What ever the result - politics is going to continue to be a full contact sport at a varsity level. If you don't vote - you can't complain or make suggestions. Slaves don't have that luxury.

One last point, when does
Joe Wurzelbacher run for a Congressional seat? I'll send him money, just like I did Bill Russell.

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