Tuesday, October 28, 2008

3 As, 3 Gs, and 3 Rs

Three vowels from the 70s; what can we expect from Senator Obama?

- Amnesty: The anti-war crowd will take over policy - those who smeared those in uniform will get a gov'munt paycheck.
- Acid: Actually, a slow down in the domestic drug war against pot may not be a bad thing.
- Abortion: pro-abortion will own the Judicial nomination. Remember, he has no problem with letting a child who survived and abortion to be left cold in a garbage to die.

Three consonants from the 1980s:

- God: I guess Rev. Wright wins. A wash on balance though - which is good. That being said: you may want to take pictures of the mention of God on all those Federal buildings in DC. They may not make it through the ACLU types he will appoint.
- Gays: DADT is dead. Expect starting with the military to see normalization of everything gay. Good and OK by me in most places, BTW. I really don't care what you do with your tender viddles - just don't call marriage something it isn't and a few other areas - that is about it for me.
- Guns: Oh boy - cling as tight as you can. The gun-grabbers are going to go nuts.

Three consonants from Obama:

- Redistributionism: He will tax. He will try to create a Continental Welfare State. Believe him when he says he wants to redistribute.
- Revisionism: He doesn't care too much for this nation's history or founding documents including the Constitution. He has said it. Expect the PC and Newspeak of our national museums and national monuments to go to insane levels.
- Radicalism: Who do you think is going to want all those gov'munt political appointments?

If you vote for Sen. Obama - just know what change you are getting.

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