Thursday, October 09, 2008

Kipling is spinning

Wow. Just wow.

What happens when Roger Cohen forgets to take his meds, gets an email of a Kipling poem, and is having a very bad episode of Palin derangement syndrome?

Palin, Mainstreeter that she is, loves to drop her g’s, so she’d no doubt call the poet Kiplin’. She might have asked, with that wink, to call him “Rud.”

That’s cutesy politics. But pigs still don’t have wings. The world’s still a dangerous place. It’s time for copybook realists in the White House.
In a word; huh?

Read it all - if you must. We may all be dumber for Cohen having written such a disjointed whateveritis - but you will in the end feel much smarter. Just think; this guy gets paid for this stuff.

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