Thursday, October 09, 2008

Salamander pods found under more beds ...

Now for the airshow!
No military service currently demonstrates that it has leaders that can create affordable procurement programs. Every service has, to some extent, mortgaged its future by failing to contain equipment costs, and by trading existing equipment and force elements for developing new system that it may never be able to procure in the numbers planned.

Instead of rigorous leadership at the level of Secretary and Chief of Staff, there is an ill-concealed struggle to solve the problems in a failed procurement system by either raising the defense budget or somehow getting more funding at the expense of other services and programs. The US defense procurement system has effectively become a liar‘s contest in terms of projected costs, risk, performance, and delivery schedules. Effective leadership is lacking in any of these areas. In both shipbuilding and military aircraft manufacturing, the services have become their own peer threats…
This time the Salamander pods have been found under the beds of the Center for Strategic & International Studies' authors of “America’s Self-Destroying Air Power - Becoming Your Own Peer Threat.”

Hat tip SjS.

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