Monday, October 20, 2008

About Powell

As you all know - I have a soft spot for former SECSTATE Powell. I have forgiven him for SEAL-poseur buddy Armitiage and the fact he has never come to terms publicly for the epic fail of the State Department to step up to the plate to do its part (though to give them credit, in the last 24 months they are helping more - a little bit more).

I won't pass judgment for his decision - a man has to sit with his own reasons. I do know that if you objectively line up Sen. Obama's policies and votes against everything Colin Powell has said and done over his career - you simply cannot match up the two.

I wish he would be more direct in his reasons, because what he has said so far just doesn't click.

I also don't like doing this two weeks from an election - and knowing his long term relationship with Sen. McCain - it is just a bit sad in a way - a little cheap - a little schoolyard. He should have done this months ago - or not at all. He knows that, I think.

I am sure he has his reasons. I puzzle a bit like Lex on this.

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