Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'll do his job for 1/3 of what you're paying him

How far the mighty have fallen.

Seriously folks; read this wandering whowhatdidthis from Robert Natter, ADM USN (Ret).

Now think about all you have read here over the years about LCS, LPD-17, and DDG-1000 - heck, shipbuilding in general. Then think about what you have read about the same over at Galrahn's sandbox.

Then read this multi-million dollar commentary you can't get anywhere else but via R.J Natter & Associates.
What has the U.S. Navy shipbuilding program come to? The Navy has worked diligently over the past decade to develop and fund its shipbuilding program. By most measures, the Navy's aircraft carrier and submarine construction plans have competently moved forward, producing fast-moving technology advances ahead of the ever-advancing threat.

The Navy's surface shipbuilding program, however, has been buffeted worse than a minesweeper in a typhoon.
Our Navy's uniformed leadership has concluded that it can't afford a destroyer that is no longer capable against the emerging threat. It's war-fighting capabilities, not jobs, that are most important for the security of our nation. Let's hope Congress and the Defense Department can figure that out.
If there is a market for R.J. Natter Associates - there has to be a market for a Galrahn-Phibian Associates or Phibian-Galrahn Associates.

Gal, we'll rock-paper-scissors for the name order.

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