Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A better bet by the Bay

Wow, what an abundance of Navy related goodness in the Bay Area last weekend.

Last Friday I told you about the Mighty Midget - but Bookie (yep, you get back to backs my dear; you are that good) found something even better - and something that deserves a hearty BZ and thanks. Here is a bit, but do read it all.
I woke the family up bright and early today for a very special adventure. Courtesy of the Navy League, we headed over to Pier 30/32 in San Francisco to be part of a contingent of official ship’s greeters for the Bonhomme Richard.
The enthusiasm and sense of purpose and camaraderie that radiates from the officers and crew, career and enlisted, Navy and Marine, truly puts the lie to the whole political ideology that tries to paint our military men and women as befuddled, ignorant, child-like people, snatched from their ordinary lives and forced to serve an evil war machine.

While I’m sure that each ship holds its share of malcontents or people who just happen to be having a bad day, the fact is that, when you see face after face showing pride and purpose, you begin to get the sense that the people on the ship are there because they want to be, and that’s true whether they’re in it for the long term or just the short haul. Frankly, your average corporation would do well if it was as neatly structured as the military and had employees as committed and knowledgeable as those gathered to serve in the Navy and Marines.

So thank you very much to the Navy League, and to the Bonhomme Richard for making today a wonderful day.
Bookie - that is the Navy I know. Thanks again for you and yours.

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