Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An objective sincerity

What is an objective sincerity? How do others outside the Navy see us? Bookie gives you a real good example.

I know it almost seems like Bookie week here - but she is worth every bit. Please read it all.
I’ve always chosen the safe, risk-free paths in my life. I’ve done pretty well, too: good jobs, good family, good community, etc. But I’ve missed that sense of purpose that makes life more than just creature comforts and material acquisition. My life revolves around me and those directly dependent on me, but it doesn’t have any greater sense of meaning. For the people in our American military, and this is true even if they leave after a short stint, they will have spent part of their lives working for something greater than themselves, and I envy them that fact.
She was one of the first on my blogroll back in the summer of '05 - I hope she is on yours.

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