Thursday, October 23, 2008

Diversity Thursday

Handing out bigotry.

This is what happens when you are Mau-Mau'd by the
Diversity Bullies.

Look what is being handed out to the single and double digit J-codes boxes at a PAC Echelon II Command.

Just the things my readers notice in a day's work. Note the last story. Here it is, found it reading the, no kidding, "Ask the White Guy" section.

BTW, if you think this is an honest magazine for discussion - you are missing the point; because if you are White, then of course you miss everything.
Your demand that we "Get over the color!" is an expression of white privilege. It's only possible to "get over" it if you are in the majority culture. Assuming you're white, YOU can "get over the color!" but it's simply not possible for people of color to get over who they are, what that means and the damage our society has purposefully done over the centuries by color.

You close with an illuminating contradiction. You can't celebrate "color and different cultures" and embrace the "melting pot" at the same time. The "melting pot" is about subjugating your culture and forcing a person to "melt" into the white culture.
What does it mean if I am mixed race and say "Get over the color?" What if I am Black and say "Get over the color?"

Funny, I hear that all the time. Maybe a White "one drop" rule applies to thought as well?

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