Monday, November 06, 2006

Pre-election prognostication

So, who will run Congress? Watch the video again if you need help.

If the Republicans lose both houses, it will be the leadership's fault. Win loose or draw, the Republicans need new leadership.

I'm making my call the day prior. It is going to be an ugly day for many. Tough to make predictions, but here you go.
Senate: 50 (R), 50 (D)

House: 212 (R), 223 (D)
That is what I came up with this weekend. Now, most of you have heard of the "Republican surge" over the last few days. I'm not sold on it. However, it has happened in the past, and the Democrats have not provided anything positive - so if the surge is there - here is what you will see.
Senate: 51 (R), 49 (D)

House: 216 (R), 219 (D)
Call it a ripple - and I still think I am too optimistic on the House for both. Send in the clowns.

There will be a Congressman Sestak for a late Halloween. I guess there weren't enough Navy folks in PA to tell their stories. Forget your Lieberman revenge fantasy. It ain't going to happen - and he ain't going to take Rumsfeld's job either. Unless there is some nightmare scenario, this is the Dems high water mark for awhile. Let's see what they do with it.

The fun part will be watching for the post-election pary switchers. You know there will be a few - or at least an attempt to seduce a few.

Have a good dinner, a good night's rest, and vote early folks. If you don't vote, shut up.

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