Friday, November 17, 2006

I can be just as vain as Bubblehead

It isn't my habit of pushing my own yapp'n - but I figured if it is good enough for Bubblehead - it is good enough for me.
The 2006 Weblog Awards
As a matter of fact, I may steal a lot of his sales pitch.

The 2006 Weblog Awards are here. To nominate someone, find the appropriate category and post a comment with the blog's name, URL, and RSS feed (if available). For example, here's what you'd post if you wanted to nominate, say, me in some category:

CDR Salamander

The hyperlinks get automatically added when you post your comment (Typepad does that), so all you'd have to do, theoretically, is copy and paste. I would highly recommend to do what Bubblehead did and nominated Ninme in the "Best of the Top 6751-8750 Blogs" Category because she has a really, really good blog. To find out where a blog is ranked in the TTLB Ecosystem, either find them on this list, or search around their blog and click on their TTLB link.

Let's start the circular nomination process! Just remember to get your nominations in by November 24th.

There. I took only 90% of the pitch, but feel all naughty like I voted for myself as Homecoming Queen.


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