Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Chinese have ugly uniforms too

Looks like China has its own version of Task Force Uniform. Take a look at the Chinese Marines below.

Don't laugh too hard. Sure the blue is silly, and the vests are very early '90s...but..... Look at the helmet. US style. New amphibious assault vehicles. They are looking forward, benchmarking what works for us. I don't laugh at the Chinese...I watch them. They are serious professionals with a national history an order of magnitude + of ours, ~4 times our population, and one of the largest holder of our national debt ... and unsettled grievances all over the place.

The guy pointing his hand is Commander Chen of 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Brigade.

Hat tip ChinaDefenseBlog.

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Jack Howard said...

Modern U.S. helmet are based on the German sturmhelm designs. Original U.S. army helmets are tin caps and pot styles. We aren't that original either.