Friday, November 24, 2006

Israel. Paris. Soccer hooligans. Black policeman. Gun. Stir.

Please, I really do not want to hear another rant about how much better the French are WRT race, violence, hygene, etc.

Let me set the scene. Paris St. Germain (PSG) plays Hapoel Tel Aviv in the UEFA Cup, in Paris. Sacre Bleu! PSG lost. Reaction - of course - find a Jooooo (with or without a well). No Americans to protect you, so you (the Hopeol fan) run to the next best thing, a McDonalds. One of Paris's finest, in plain clothes, runs to defend you (a ballsy act, when there are ~150 hooligans out there).

Well, a black man defending a Joooo - can't have that, now can we? You now how that went;
A policeman shot dead a Paris St Germain fan and seriously injured another late on Thursday following the French team's defeat by Hapoel Tel Aviv in the UEFA Cup, police officials said.

Early indications suggested the plainclothes policeman came to the rescue of a French supporter of the Israeli team who was attacked by PSG fans outside the stadium in southwestern Paris.

A group of up to 150 fans then turned on the policeman.

At first he let off a tear gas canister to try to disperse his assailants, then fired his gun, killing one man immediately and injuring another.

Police said the PSG fans appeared to be far-right sympathisers and were chanting 'France for the French' as they confronted the Hapoel supporter. The lone policeman was black.
But it said initial indications suggested that the policeman had acted in legitimate defence after he was attacked, either on his own or while trying to protect a Tel Aviv supporter.

A journalist from weekly news magazine L'Express who said he witnessed the incident, said he saw a young black man in plain clothes apparently trying to protect someone from a menacing crowd before taking refuge in a nearby fast food restaurant.

In an account published on the L'Express website, the journalist, Philippe Broussard, said the crowd, which was shouting racist taunts and nationalist slogans such as 'Red, White and Blue, France for the French!' was apparently initially unaware he was a policeman.

Broussard said he did not actually see the shooting.

The explosion of violence came after PSG suffered a shock
4-2 loss to their Tel Aviv opponents.
Funny, usually the French react like this when they lose. The policeman should be given a promotion.

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