Thursday, November 02, 2006

Khatami joins Democrat Party

That is all I could think of while I was reading, and listening, to what former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was saying in his BBC interview. Make sure and listen to it. Here is a sample of what you will hear.
"This has been a terrible idea. You know, the Americans are suffering, and you will see the result of this mistake in the upcoming polls in the United States."

The idea that Western-style democracy could be "exported" to the Middle East was flawed from the beginning, Mr Khatami said.

"It's a great joke - the greatest joke that Mr Bush said, that he would like to export democracy to the Middle East.

"Democracy is not something to get exported."
I love this quote. Do the women in Iran know this?
During the speech he also urged British Muslims to obey UK law, saying they are "British first" and had no religious obligation to wear a scarf or veil.
My Jewish friends would call that Chutzpah. Mr. Khatami doesn't have many Jewish friends though...

Oh, he also sounds like Ralph Peters...but that is a different post.

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