Thursday, November 16, 2006

Down with fascist JROTC!!!

How much more proof do you need that San Francisco is the sump pump of Leftist intellectualism? Gov'munt schools in most of our large cities are a nightmare of self-serving teacher's unions and Soviet style politics. In San Francisco, already on of the most Liberal and kid-unfriendly places in the U.S. shows their true colors...again. BTW, the screaming kid is on our side. Cool!
After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

The board voted 4-2 to eliminate the popular program, phasing it out over two years.

Dozens of JROTC cadets at the board meeting burst into tears or covered their faces after the votes were cast.

"We're really shocked,'' said fourth-year Cadet Eric Chu, a senior at Lowell High School, his eyes filling with tears. "It provided me with a place to go.''
Go to the story and look at the clueless of the world. Look at the kids who just WANT JROTC, and the smug Leftists who only hate. I'll take the screaming boys and sharp girl in my UIC anyday. But, alas, they live in Boxerland.
About 1,600 San Francisco students participate in JROTC at seven high schools across the district.
Good kids too. Love running into them on base now and then. Make you feel good about the future. But what do the Commissariat think is wrong?
Opponents said the armed forces should have no place in public schools, and the military's discriminatory stance on gays makes the presence of JROTC unacceptable.

"We don't want the military ruining our civilian institutions," said Sandra Schwartz, of the American Friends Service Committee, an organization actively opposing JROTC nationwide. "In a healthy democracy ... you contain the military. You must contain the military."
Oh yes! In big cities those JROTC students are know threats to their community.
"This is where the kids feel safe, the one place they feel safe," Robert Powell, a JROTC instructor at Lincoln High School and a retired Army lieutenant colonel, said earlier in the evening. "You're going to take that away from them?"

Opponents acknowledged the program is popular and even helps some students stay in school and out of trouble.
They don't care. This has nothing to do with kids or education.
Newsom also said he believed the vote would push more city residents away from the public schools.

"You think this is going to help keep families in San Francisco?" the mayor added. "No. It's going to hurt."
I know I would try to get my kids out of that nightmare of a school district....but I have the means to do that. That part of the country is so expensive, to live there parents condem their kids to those "schools." So, what is the priority?
On other matters, the board introduced a resolution that makes race a factor in deciding what school a child will attend starting with the 2008-09 school year.
Of course. Bull Conner would be proud. Stanley Kurtz makes some good points as well.

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