Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are you ready for this?

The technology has changed, but war at sea has not changed all that much since the bow of a Roman Quinquereme drove its ram home on a Carthigian galley at Battle of Mylae. Training, leadership, smart doctrine. This deserves a good movie, APPROACH OF TASK FORCE LOVE.
Task Force LOVE, consisting of the Washington (F), South Dakota, Benham, Gwin,Preston , and Walke , reached a point about 50 miles southwest of Guadalcanal before noon on Saturday, 14 November. Most of the day was spent in this area avoiding contact with enemy planes. One Japanese aircraft did sight the force, however.
As a side note, it is a shame there was no way to save the USS South Dakota. This was a good try though. Shame on everyone.

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