Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bill INDC heads to Iraq

Add him to your reading list. I plan on checking in on a regular basis.
Starting in very late December, I'll be traveling to Western Iraq to embed with the Marines, publishing both independent blog items and op-eds for the Washington Examiner. Specific destinations (thus far) include Ramadi, Habbaniyah (the headquarters of the Iraqi First Army and several IA boot camps), Fallujah and Baghdad. Prioritized is an embed with Military Transition Teams advising First and Seventh Iraqi Army units:
His goal?
A look at the training, motivation and competence of Iraqi Army units primed to assume responsibility for security in Anbar - one of the two critical theatres in Iraq - should contribute to an accurate assessment of the war's progress. I have a month budgeted for the trip, with 1- 2 weeks still open for to-be-determined embed opportunities that arise while in country. There are a variety of reasons that I'm going, but a fairly compelling one is curiosity coupled with dissatisfaction about the present coverage of the war.
Bravo Zulu Bill.

Hat tip The Commissar.

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