Monday, November 27, 2006

Photoshop Contest!!!!

I really can't help myself. I want you to take a close look at the below photo (NB: yes it is Cindy - and she is protesting in Skippy's back yard - for context go here). Now, do you see what I see?

The short angry bottle-blonde is Medea Benjamin, the founding director (click that link to learn that "Medea" isn't her given name...and why) of Code Pink. Now, our buddies Citizen Smash and BLACKFIVE can tell you plenty of thing about Code Pink. I think we can add dyslexia to it.

Note to Moonbats - to study peace you should also study spelling - or at least give each other a
standard instrument backup.

This is a ligit photo - check out the original from AFP. Now, all the grown-ups who spent a fair percentage of their High School time in detention or at the Vice Principal's office know that few things lend themselves better to photoshopping (even MS Paint, ahem, works well) than a poster, almost straight on, with a white background and black lettering ... so ...

I will start with a very lame initial entry. At a minimum I expect "the usual suspects" to at least give it a shot. Hey, here is an offer - Scott, Turkeyhead and the other CAT4 types are out of mothballs over at Scott's Conservative News & Commentary - if they give an entry, I'll give them another free link! That has to be worth something...well...maybe not - but it is an offer! Click here to download a jpg with a blank sign. That should get you started. NO EXCUSES!

Hat tip PowerLine.

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