Friday, November 10, 2006

Fullbore Friday

USS Decatur (DD-5).

Yep, sticking with the small boys again. Why DD-5? Because it shines
a light on problems the Navy needs to fix in 2006.
- Lack of early Command at Sea opportunities for Junior Officers.
- Zero defect mentality killing solid officers.

This Destroyer would be what we would call a Fast Patrol Torpedo Boat (though it was designed to DESTROY torpedo boats. Nothing like the Light Cruisers (420 ton vice 14,000 ton) we call Destroyers now days) was commanded by an Ensign. It ran aground. The Commanding Officer (said Ensign) was sent to Courts Martial and convicted. That officer? Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz.

What would we do to such an officer today? Would he even make LCDR? LT?

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