Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Dawn reboot?

If it comes out the way the first two seasons of Battlestar Galactica did - then all will be well.

A rather thorough review of the script and video can be seen at Cinema Suicide. It will be (maybe) directed by Dan Bradley of Quantum of Solace and The Bourne Ultimatum fame - so there is hope. Can they match the casting of the first one though?

For you fans of The Long Game; one guess who the bad guys are? Sounds like a little EMP action in the script too.

If it gets a lefty Hollyweird smearing then once again, someone will have stolen a bit of my youth. That is my worry.

I would offer something free to the director. Free of charge now; I am willing to chair a "bu11sh1t check" of the script for obvious military impossibilities that ruin so many films. For a quick plug at the end of the credits for our blogs, I am sure John, Greyhawk, Matt, Lex, URR, and myself would be happy to ensure that the film isn't laughed at by those in uniform.

Oh, and can we get a cool hat or sump'n too?

Hat tip Jonah.

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