Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diversity Thursday

From Professor David Levy, a little something to keep in your back pocket whenever Diversity Bullies or their hired hands in the Diversity Industry come calling and you are having trouble understanding what they are saying, vice what they mean to say.
All points of view are equally valid

- I am willing to abandon all logic and evidence just to maintain the illusion that I am being open-minded and fair.

There is no objective reality

- except for what I’m saying right now.

In our culture, empiricism is over-privileged

- I don’t have any facts to back up my argument.

I’m not saying better,I’m saying different

- I’m saying better.

Let us start a dialogue

- Let me start a monologue.

This warrants more conversation

- I can’t believe that you have the temerity not to agree with me.

Don’t you think that sounds kind of racist?

- good luck disagreeing with me now.

One can prove anything with statistics

- I should have paid more attention in stats class.

The interreferential nature of our phenomenological field can be neither deconstructed nor decontextualized from our ontological meta-narrative

- Don’t I sound really intellectual and hip?

Science is merely one more opinion

- My Uncle Bill told me so.
A found in Skeptical Inquirer Vol32, No. 6 Nov/Dec 2008.

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